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The Attorneys that we offer you are first class. They focus on fighting for victims of accidents helping them recover from their injuries with proper medical care and strive to receive the best possible compensation for their losses, make sure they obtain the treatment needed to recover, and also secure their and their family's future.

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Our participants Lawyers provide the best customer service in the country. They are recognized for the personal attention they provide and even more so by their strong, aggressive, representation, that only thier level of experience can provide.  They know what to do to win, which is very important in the process of an accident or injury claim . Our lawyers work for contingency fees, in other words, you are not charged a penny in advance, while being legally represented by them.  This means that all of the risks, expenses, court costs, and work involved during the time they represent you are absorbed by the lawyers and not by you.  All expenses related to the case are covered by attorneys and will not be charged until agreement is reached with those who caused you damage or until a positive verdict, arbitration award and / or mediation prize is won.


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Our accident and injury attorneys throughout the United States are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for emergencies. Our entire team is available all the time to explain your options and be there for you after an accident. If you are hospitalized, seriously injured, or can’t get to one of the Lawyer’s offices, we will arrange for a lawyer to go directlty to you for a free consultation. Injury or side effects due to an accident can be a life changing event. Although accident victims are not at fault, their health, physical problems, loss of money and work, loss of possibilities that previously existed, may be just the biggining of huge potentiial losses. An accident victim may end up with large medical expenses, lost wages and painful injuries that can cause harm not only to you but also your family for a long time or for the rest of your life. You have to fight for what you deserve! That is why you need the best lawyers in the country.


If you suffered an Accident, do not hesistate and contact us immidiately. Time can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

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We help injured victims get the medical care they need and the physical recovery they deserve. We have successfully resolved thousands of injury claims (caused by cars, trucks, motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrian accidents; falls; dog bites and attacks; burns; professional negligence and other causes), recovering millions of dollars for our clients. The consultation is FREE and there is NO charge in injury claims until you WIN!


Obtain maximum monetary recovery, while providing excellence in personal attention to our clients. We achieve this through our ability to work closely with our clients, with our aggressive support, detailed preparation with the many years of experience we offer.


We seek all types of medical, hospital, and dental charges; pain, suffering, and inconvenience; loss of enjoyment of life activities; monetary loss as well as lost time from work (even if paid for this time); property damage, including rental, loss of use, and diminished value; and all other appropriate damages.

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I was hit on my moped recently literally made the process of getting better utterly seamless. I’ve never retained an attorney for an accident before Mr Colon and I can’t see with going with anyone else ever again. I could not more strongly recommend this business. Mr Colon his staff and his practices have your back.

Loreno Martinez


We appreciate your immediate help on the matter! If it wasn’t for you, we would have been still waiting for the final court and for the verdict. I will be recommending your law firm to all of my business partners and friends. Thank you!

John Stephenson

14 April, 2018

If you need a personal injury lawyer in Chicago, I would highly recommend using fromwreckstochecks to find the best.  Attorneys refereed by them  really fight for their clients and will work hard to protect your rights and get you the settlement you deserve if you’re injured in a car accident. They helped me with my case when I got into an accident and I’m so glad I reached out to them instead of just settling with the insurance company by myself.

Isreal R. Wolfe